T-shirt printing for local charities

T-shirt printing for local charities

Tim ReadingNov 3, '21

The saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’.

We certainly like local, we are proud to support Emerge Advocacy. Based in Guildford they do great work with young people struggling with mental health issues.

Doodlebox is based in Aldershot, Hampshire.

We are best placed to offer local cost-effective charity clothing. Using our website, you can customise a t-shirt. Add your logo and text then order online. We don’t have any minimum order quantity.

Bulk discounts.

We can offer charities great value prices on bulk garment customisation. Because we print your garments in-house, we can offer fast, efficient turn around on printed clothing.

Effective marketing.

T-shirts are fantastic marketing tools. They help to promote your brand at events. Give your staff visibility and identity, so that they are a known point of contact. Maximise your charities name and status when alongside other organisations.

Organic cottons.

We’re not limited to the type of fabric we can print onto, so man made fibre can be printed onto in full vibrant colour. We have recently started to add a range of organic cotton garments.

Contact us about your next charity event and find out what we can do for you.