Super Full Colour Transfers for the Trade

Super Full Colour Transfers for the Trade

Tim ReadingJun 27, '22

We have invested in state of the art full colour direct to film transfer printing which we are now able to offer to the trade. We take your submitted png or vector file and print it in full colour onto transfer media, this is perfect for images and gradients.

The process is printed in reverse in CMYK it then has white ink printed over the top. The carrier film with the CMYK plus white is then passed through a unit that powder coats the wet ink. This is then passed through a drier, resulting in an application ready transfer.

Our process gives you transfers that don’t require weeding. They are ready to apply using your own heat press. Because we print onto a roll you are only limited by the size of your heat press. These transfers are great for all cotton and poly-cotton mixes plus most man-made fibres. They are perfect for caps too. Because they are stretchy you can even apply them to Lycra. So, they are prefect for gym wear where stretch and rebound is essential.

Applied carefully these transfers can result in zero apparel waste. Man-made fibres are a no-no for DTG, the fibres repel any ink applied to the surface resulting in the design washing out; not so with our DTF process.

Just specify the fabric the transfers are going to be applied to when ordering with us. Just press, cool and peel! Please contact us for details and pricing.