Super Full Colour Transfers for the Trade

Tim ReadingJun 27, '22

We have invested in state of the art full colour direct to film transfer printing which we are now able to offer to the trade. We take your submitted png or vector file and print it in full colour onto transfer media, this is perfect for images and gradients. The...

T-shirt printing for local charities

Tim ReadingNov 3, '21

The saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’. We certainly like local, we are proud to support Emerge Advocacy. Based in Guildford they do great work with young people struggling with mental health issues. Doodlebox is based in Aldershot, Hampshire. We are best placed to offer local cost-effective charity clothing. Using our...

The benefits of fast digital garment printing

Tim ReadingNov 3, '21

Our amazing DTF Printer combines the best of DTG, Print & Cut, Screen Printing & White Toner processes into one simple cost effective product. Vibrant colour Designed to create water based film transfers. The transfers produce soft vibrant images with no requirement for pre-treatment or weeding no matter what colour the fabric...